Fairfield County Addiction Treatment


Blaine E. Messing, MD, MSW, LLC

Medical Treatment of Opiate Addiction

Phone: (203) 505-1492

All Appointments by House Call

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Statement of Practice Goals


My medical practice treats people struggling with opiate addiction of all

types, in the private and discrete setting of their own homes.  I treat issues including

the use of Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicoden, and heroin. I do this by using an innovative medicine known as Suboxone. This medicine only needs to be taken once daily by mouth, for patients to receive its beneficial effects. Suboxone eliminates feelings of withdrawal and cravings for these substances. Suboxone is obtained simply by taking a written prescription to your local pharmacy. My goal is to provide a very personal and private approach to the treatment of opiate addiction.

            After initially introducing Suboxone, over a series of supervised visits, patients can expect to be seen just once a month thereafter. It is expected that patients will need to take the medicine, once daily, for many months to break the cycle of opiate addiction. Together, we will undertake this journey to alter old habits with the use of this effective medicine and behavioral modification counseling, to develop healthy lifestyle coping strategies. I want to reiterate my commitment to providing a completely private, comprehensive, and personal approach to care while assisting patients recovering from the disease of addiction.